ATRH Sensor
Model: OATRH

Obel Atmospheric Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor (ATRH) is built keeping in the mind the harsh conditions the sensors are exposed to.

It provides accurate air temperature (AT) and relative humidity (RH) probe and is ideal for long-term, unattended applications.

The SHT25 sensing element measures air temperature for the -400C to +800C range with an accuracy of 0.10C.

Temperature Sensor
Range -400C to +800C
Resolution 0.050C
Accuracy 0.10C
Response Time under 10 sec
Humidity Sensor
Range 0% to 100%
Resolution 1%RH
Accuracy 2% RH non-condensing
Response Time under 8 sec
Digital over I2C bus
Max 5V DC, 1mA
  • Large radiation shields for better protection and air circulation.
  • Consistent performance overservice lifespan.
  • Periodic calibration may be desirable to ensure measured accuracy.
  • Weather monitoringstation
  • Industrial application
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate research
  • Precision/Smart agriculture
  • HVAC