Data Backup, Archival

'DATA' collection is the primary objective of our systems and projects.

The Data is normally voluminous and a proper planning and expertise is required to handle and upkeep the data. We at OBEL provide complete solutions and support for Data Backup, Archival and dissemination.

Data archiving is the process of identifying and moving inactive data out of current database systems and into specialized long-term archival storage systems. Moving inactive data out of online systems & Servers optimizes the performance of resources needed.

Specialized archival systems store information more cost- effectively and provide for retrieval when needed. Data archives consist of older data that is still important and necessary for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance. Data archives are indexed and have search capabilities so that files can be easily located and retrieved securely.

We also provide solutions for Cloud servers for data backup and archiving.

We ensure our customers for data security and integrity with fast & stable solutions for Data Backup, Archival and dissemination.