Barometric Pressure Sensor
Model: SDI-BPR-3312

Barometric Pressure Sensor is a SMD-hybrid device including a piezo resistive pressure sensor and an ADC- Interface IC. It provides a 16 Bit data word from a pressure and temperature dependent voltage.

Additionally, the module contains 6 readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration of the sensor.

Pressure sensor is a low power, low voltage device with automatic power down (ON/OFF) switching.

Interface is used for all communications with a microcontroller.

Temperature Sensor
Pressure Range 260 to 1260 hPa. standard range
Digital Accuracy ?0.2hpa (-400C to +800C)
Response Time under 0.5 sec
Resolution 0.01hpa
Serial Output SDI-12, RS-232 and RS-485 5Vdc to 16Vdc
Supply Voltage 15mA with V out (standard) 20mA with serial I/O
  • Highly accurate, solid state pressure sensor
  • Low power design makes it ideally suited for remote monitoring applications.
  • Capable of operating from elevations of 2300 feet below sea level to 18,300 feet above sea level
  • Wide temp range -40C to +80C
  • Low power consumption
  • Solid state construction
  • Low cost
  • Light weight design making it ideally suited for remote monitoring applications.
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Greenhouse
  • Livestock farm
  • Hydrology