3 cup Anemo Meter Sensor
Model: OWS01

3 Cup Anemo meter Sensor is an accurate and durable anemometer with a threshold of 1.7 kmph to measure Speed and Force of the Wind.

The 3 Cup Anemo meter sensor is a continuous measurement tool designed for long-term unattended operation in adverse environments.

A sealed magnetic reed switch produces a series of contact closures at a rate proportional to wind speed. The Anemometer is made of high-quality UV stabilized ABS plastic.

Type 3-Cup Anemometer
Sensor type Reed switch with magnetic actuated
Materials UV Stabilized ABS Plastic
Range 0 60 m/s
Sustainability up to 75m/s
Accuracy 0.5m/s for Range upto 20m/s and +/-2% of full scale for range above 20m/s
Output Digital Pulse Output
Starting Threshold 3m/s
Supply Voltage 3.3Volts
Sensor Cable Shielded cable with Molex connector
Traceability IMD, PUNE.
  • Low starting threshold
  • High quality UV stabilized ABS plastic
  • Anti-wind load until 70m/s
  • Double bearing design
  • Surge protection design
  • Easy Installation
  • Consistent performance over service life span.
  • Periodic calibration may be desirable to ensure measured accuracy.
  • Weather monitoring station
  • Industrial application
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate research
  • Precision / Smar tagriculture
  • HVAC