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The GSM /GPRS modem built in as an integral part of the datalogger or supplied as an independent unit compatible with transmitted data through GPRS network for two-way communication with FTP, TCP/IP (INTERNET) connection and SMS.

Data collection can be triggered by interrogation from Data Centre, or by event-based transmission triggered by a remote site.

Operating Temperature -5 to +60 Degree C
Performance Data Reception availability of 95% or better
Form factor The GSM /GPRS modem should either be integral part of datalogger, or it should be supplied as independent unit compatiblewith supplied data logger
Communication Direction Utilize GPRS network for two-way connection with FTP, TCP/IP(INTERNET) connection and SMS
Transmission trigger Data collection to be triggered by interrogation from Data Centre,or by event-based transmission triggered by remote site
Power Saving Ability to disable interrogation system in order to save power atremote site
CommunicationProtocol Data transmission to execute HTTP Post or FTP, SMS to transmitdata to the Data Centre.
Accessories All associated equipment, including Antenna all cables andmounting hardware
Antenna features  
Frequency range 900 MHz: 824-960 MHz/1800MHz:1710-1880 MHz
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR = 2.0
Radiation Omni-directional
Operating temperature -20 to + 60 degrees Celsius
Connector SMA or suitable adaptable to GSM/GPRS modem
Cable length Standard
  • Ideal for sending small amounts of data
  • Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format
  • Diagnostics to track amount of data being sent & performance of telemetry
  • Stations with Iridium are ALERT compatible via Hydromet Cloud
  • Supports remote data collection, maintenance or control of 2 on/off devices
  • Optional authentication of incoming messages to ensure trusted source