INSAT UHF Transmitter
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INSAT UHF Transmitter provides long-term, reliable operation even in the harshest climate. The INSAT UHF Transmitter provides reliable TDMA burst transmission for Metrological and Hydrological station applications.

Carrier Frequency Band 402.0 MHz to 403.0 MHz
Carrier Set In steps of 100 Hz
Modulator BPSK
Power Out put 3 to 10 watt
Power Stability 1 dB
Data Rate 300 bps to 9600 bps
Data coding NRZ-M
Frequency stability
(a)Long Term
(b)Over Temperature Range
Better then 1 ppm / year
Better then 1 ppm
Signal Bandwidth 6.0 KHz
Spurious -60 dB or better
Burst Format ISRO/IMD/NIOT/CWC/Customized
Harmonics -55 dB or better
Data coding NRZ(L)
Carrier and bit timing recovery 196 bits
Frame sync 16 bits
Data interface 485 Half Duplex
Output connector N-Type
Environmental Operating -400C to +550C
Battery Voltage +10.5 v to +14.5 v
  • Programmable power and frequency
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Easy integration
  • Software tuneable frequency
  • Custom transmission format
  • Suitable for onsite deployment in any environment
  • Ideal for sending small amounts of data
  • Periodic transmissions at user set times with data in user selectable format
  • Diagnostics to track amount of data being sent & performance of telemetry
  • Supports remote data collection, maintenance or control on/off devices
  • Optional authentication of incoming messages to ensure trusted source