Dielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor
Model: OSPL-LW

Innovative and easy-to-use, the new Dielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor enables accurate and affordable leaf wetness monitoring.

Many fungal and bacterial diseases affect plants only when moisture is present on the leaf surface.

The Leaf Wetness Sensor determines the presence and duration of wetness on a leaf's surface, enabling researchers and producers to forecast disease and protect plant canopies.

Measurement time 10 ms
Power 2.5VDC @ 2mA to 5VDC @ 7mA
Output 250 to 1500 mV
Operating Environment -10C to 60C
Expected Lifetime 2+ years continuous use
Probe Dimensions
Length 11.2cm
Width 5.8 cm
Thickness 0.075 cm
Cable Length 5m standard Extension cables available
Connector type 3.5mm plug
  • No user manipulation or painting required
  • High resolution detects trace amounts of water orice on the sensor surface
  • No calibration necessary; factory calibration set atstandard wetness threshold
  • Low power requirement and long battery life (2+years with OSPL Data loggers) enable effective long-termleaf wetness monitoring
  • Forecast plant disease
  • Modelling for blight
  • Canopy treatment scheduling
  • Imitates characteristics of a real leaf
  • Requires no painting or user calibration
  • Can detect ice on the leaf surface
  • Low power
  • High Resolution
  • Disease forecasting and modelling
  • Ecological and Agricultural Research