Wind Vane Sensor
Model: OWD01 -

A Hall Effect angular position sensor is used for accurate measurement of the wind direction vane. This provides full 360-degree detection and no loading of the wind vane typical of potentiometer-based detection sensors.

Utilizing Hall Effect detection technology makes the sensor more sensitive, accurate, with a higher resolution, while significantly enhancing the reliability and durability of the sensor.

Type Vane driven Hall Effect position (with calibrated to North Zero)
Materials UV Stabilized ABS Plastic
Range 0 3600
Accuracy 3 Degrees
Resolution 10
Threshold 0.3m/s
Supply Voltage 5volts
Response Time 10sec
Cable Shielded 6core with Molex connectors
Traceability IMD, PUNE.
  • Low starting threshold
  • High quality UV stabilized ABS plastic
  • Sensor is an accurate, durable and economical
  • Suitable for a wide range of wind study applications.
  • It is designed for long term unattended operation in most meteorological environments.
  • Weather monitoring station
  • Industrial application
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate research
  • Precision / Smart agriculture
  • HVAC