Crossed Yagi Antenna
Model: OSPL DCP01

Transmits from a Data Collection Platform (DCP)to INSAT & METEOSAT Satellites The Crossed Yagi Antenna transmits data from Satellitetransmitter installed at remote station. The Crossed Yagiantenna has provision to change the LHCP and RHCPPolarization in the field. The antenna is made of rust-resistantmaterials and is moisture-proof. This antenna has beendesigned and developed for wider bandwidth. The antennacomes packaged in a compact box and can be assembled in afew minutes. The Yagi Antenna cable connects the Datacollection platform with the antenna.

Transmit frequency 402.0 MHz to 403.0 MHz
Gain Minimum 11 dBi or better
Polarization LHCP and RHCP (Switchable in field)
3dB Beam width 40?
VSWR 1.2 : 1
Impedance 50 ohms
Axial Ratio 4 Db
Operating wind speed 250 kmph
Wind Survival 300 kmph
Material Rust-proof and oxidation-proof foruse in coastal and saline Areas
Connector type N type
Mounting Elevation angle is engraved on the mounting
Operating temp -40?C to +55?C
Weight 1.5 Kg (Approx.)